Kuya: Slowly get rid of them by hiding them around Reboot’s house, one by one and add more at a time every time he finds them keep doing this until he loses his mind.

Reboot lives on a pile of those things, I don’t think that’ll phase him much.

I still think there’s a way to destroy him with them, maybe you can make them smell bad.

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Hey Kuya, I found a gif of you and your cat wife.


Hey Kuya, I found a gif of you and your cat wife.


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Akina: Sometimes I see you with Kuya and forget you do shit like this but then I see these and wonder how you even get along with him.

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You’re a powerful woman who can do that but you date a man who fights with my cat and loses.

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The NPC racer shut the door after her and rocked on his heels while Akina looked through the boxes for one with a purple sticker on it. She shoved several boxes aside carelessly and grimaced when she saw one that had orange on it. She looked back at the red racer, “I don’t see one with my color, where is it?”

He jumped in surprise, caught off guard by the sudden question, “O-Oh, well, i-it might be on a higher rack. You’ve never been here before so it might not have been opened yet!” He ran over and looked at the boxes that were stacked on the higher racks and sure enough, there was a box with a purple sticker on the highest shelf. He was taller than she was, so he didn’t ask if she needed help getting it and pulled the box down for her.

Akina nodded and kneeled down to the box and pulled the tape off, “Thanks, you can put this back up when I’m done.” She rummaged in the box of helmet parts and pulled out a loose visor. Usually she never needed to worry about replacing parts like this, since all broken parts would be regenerated after a race finished, or if the last crash she had killed her and forced her to respawn. She broke this off track through, so none of that applied and she had to fix it the long way.

While Akina was pulling the last broken fragments of the old visor out of her helmet and sliding the new one in, the NPC put the box back into the top rack. He tried to make a little more small talk with her, but she barely responded at all beyond short sentences or a grunt.

She stopped though, looked up and saw an oddly shaped box. It looked like it was overstuffed and there was a small tear starting to break on the side. She didn’t answer the NPC’s last question, and just went over to the box and moved around some of the contents in it.

The last thing she expected was to find a child in the box, and he didn’t look like any kid from this game.

Cornelius became alarmed when one of the racers began digging through boxes near his. He figured they were just going to keep getting nearer at this point, so he decided to quietly begin getting into one of the boxes. There wasn’t much for him to do about the racer, other than just stay where he was and hope he wasn’t caught.

The racer eventually began getting closer to his box, and as they got closer he began to get more worried. Had he, by chance, hidden in the one box they were looking for? He began quietly moving around in the box, trying to get deeper into it.

Before they reached his box, however, the racer instead pulled a nearby box off the shelf and found the visor part she needed in that one. Cornelius breathed a sigh of relief. He was in the clear. After they both left, he could just slip out and he’d be back in his own game in no time.

Suddenly, he felt his box being pulled off the shelf. A hand opened up the box he was in and began rummaging through. He began to panic, and, although he might have been able to stay hidden under the other contents in the box, Cornelius immediately jumped out of the box and began running towards the maintenance hall.

He could still avoid being caught, right? Since these were the only characters that noticed him so far, he could just outrun them long enough to get out of sight. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t take into account being as small as he is means he isn’t the fastest runner.

There was a strange shriek of surprise from Akina, it was a shrill annoying noise but not high enough to be painful to the ear. The NPC was so surprised by the child running past him and the noise all at once that he managed to get himself knocked off balance and tumble into a heap on the floor. Akina merely just hopped over him as Cornelius ran out of the room. She had no idea if he was hostile, lost or anything of that ilk but there was one thing she was sure of, there was someone being suspicious as hell in her game and she wasn’t going to tolerate it.

She was rather tall for a woman, least for a woman in this game she was on record the tallest one at least, so she had no trouble catching up to Cornelius and scooping him up by the back of his shirt like a scuffed kitten. She barked something at the NPC and he jumped up and ran over to inspect the boy, seeing if he could figure out who he was and from where. The red racer had managed to sneak out and into about 2 other games for about an hour or so although his guts wouldn’t allow him much more time away from home so he shook his hair unable to figure out which game was from.

Akina looked at him finally ready to talk directly to him and acknowledge anything he was saying.

“Who are you and why are you scrounging around here?”

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Now I’m starting to wonder how the dump doesn’t get any bigger if it doesn’t delete stuff after awhile…

Is it like a cartoon like when a character drinks from a cup but the liquid level never goes down?

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My game has dump that has some pretty nice things in it! It may sound like I’m talking about trash but I’ve helped…

That’s very n___-nice of you, but I don’t have a place to STORE the… storage things.

I have a tiny apartment and the floor isn’t very stable. It was the nicest one I could find though.

I’m sorta hoping to actually try and find a new home. If I do, I’ll come ask then, yes?

Of course! You need to find some place better to live first that’s important. Maybe you should look into games like Minecraft or Animal Crossing, I’ve heard of people living in those games and they can be rather safe to live in, with Minecraft’s respawning and Animal Crossing having no threats other than bees!

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9: Do you not have any dressers or closets? D:

No, I do not. I have one drawer that has my 80’s outfit in it and that’s about it.

My game has  dump that has some pretty nice things in it! It may sound like I’m talking about trash but I’ve helped another person in my game look around there and we’ve found some really nice stuff that looks pristine. He even found the couch he’s using now there and it wasn’t even stained!

Maybe you’d like to take a look around there for something nice?

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Gosh I’ve been quietly lately, feels nice to talk to some more people! Even if it’s only one person.

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How many dog things have you done yet? :D



Not many!! Not yet.

I think I might roll in the snow to start things off. Then I’ll take it from there.

You should make some dog friends too, that should be high on your list too, dog friends are good!

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9: Woof woof!!!!!



How many dog things have you done yet? :D

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Welcome to the Game
A large heavy machine is wheeled into the arcade on a dolly and unloaded by a few men. Mr. Litwak signs for the bundle and thanks the men for the delivery. The man looks at his new purchase and pulls the tarp over it off before cleaning any stray dirt and dust from the frame before plugging the machine in. Looks like there's a new game in the arcade. (Fan game for Wreck it Ralph)
Character Status:
Akina: Progressive code damage, color temporarily changed to pink.
Kuya: FUCKING MARRIED TO thebluebeast AND HE'S NOW THE FULL FURRY. In the Player world thanks to wife.
Model 9: Promoted to playable character due to game code unlocking.