I made Queen V make that stuff separate so there’s vodka in some jello somewhere

Oh…then I might make my own~ 

It’s not toooooo hard to make but it takes forever and you need to be good around things like stoves

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Jello pool? Ith there vodka in it?

I made Queen V make that stuff separate so there’s vodka in some jello somewhere

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psychicinnocence started following you

Well hey there!

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Oh shit she found the jello pool and the stuff’s freaking her out now, is this an animal thing or?

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M!A: One of you is now a beast of some kind. Preferably one with large teeth! Duration: 2 days.



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Cornelius found himself standing at the gate into the game. He still felt a bit uneasy about this. He hadn’t been in any other games aside from his own in months. He still felt like he should do it anyways, whether it be from curiousity, daring himself to, or something else entirely. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was, himself.

Besides, the worst they could probably do was tell him to leave. He was probably worrying about this too much, anyhow. He walked into the tunnel to the game and boarded the game’s train system. He was the only person on the train, oddly enough. Everyone else was probably off doing their own thing tonight.

As the train exited the power cord into the an elevated railway in cabinet, he could already see some of the game from the windows. It was an impressive sight. It looked vastly different than his own game and most of the other ones he had visited. There wasn’t a single thing made out of candy here, but that was pretty much given in every game that wasn’t his. But this game looked huge. The train was going through a large city, with swaths of skyscrapers dotting the cityscape.

He ducked down as the railway dipped down closer to the street level. No one would probably notice him even if he had been standing, but he was better off not risking the attention. As he was peeking out the window in awe, the train pulled up to the game’s station. He snapped back into the moment, and slipped off the train. Staying close to the walls to avoid being noticed, Cornelius walked out a bit and ended up on what looked something like a city square. There wasn’t more than a couple of people milling about, and none of them seemed to either notice or care about him. There weren’t as many high rise buildings in this immediate area, but he could see a large stadium no more than a block away from where he was. He could hear cheers of a crowd from where he was, there was probably something going on over there.

As he was walking to the stadium, it struck him how odd it was that there was pretty much no one milling about. In his game, some of the fans usually didn’t show up to the races. They came back the next day, but their attendance wasn’t as constant as it seemed here. He brushed off the thought and continued walking to the stadium.

Within a few minutes, he was at the stadium. When he got there, there were some security guards at the entrance. They hadn’t seen him yet, and he didn’t want to risk alarming the gaurds with him being, ah, from another game. Well, crud. He was hoping this would be a little easier. Would he be better off just heading back?

As he was about to do so, he noticed some light radiating from a small alley on the side of the building. His curiousity taking over his better judgement, he ran over to the alley, out of sight of the guards. An open door! He walked in and found himself in what looked like a maintenance hallway. He walked down the hallway and ended up in a doorway that led under one of the hovertracks. He could make out hundreds, no, thousands, of spectators. There was over a dozen racers flying past, all on what looked something like skatebords, only they were floating. All of this, in a huge, state-of-the-art stadium.

"Wow." he muttered as he stared at the track above him. He didn’t even know the programmers could make something like this, this game was probably at least ten times as detailed and four times as big as his own entire game.

His admiration of the race was soon inturrupted by what sounded like footsteps coming from the hall behind him. Startled, he turned around and saw nobody, but he could hear someone was walking his direction, whether they knew he was there or not.

Perhaps now would be a good time to either run or hide.

They were still shiny and new all the aspects of the game are still being broken in and everyone’s still getting used to everything including each other. They had a lot of races after hours, so they could do it their way without Player’s making them crash into the walls, leaving mid game and just plain messing up the controls and crashing. They could all race and see who actually the best in the game was. It was about a week of races so far and although all the places jumped around there was one thing that stayed constant, Akina Saki stayed very close to first place and rarely ever came in anything less. She was one of, if not, the best racer in the whole game.

Today the afterhours race went as usual, they raced around the track and Akina took most of the first place wins but there were some discrepancies in the last few rounds. There was a new face starting to climb the leaderboard. Racer model number 9 was boosting her score with tricks and speeding her way to the top. Akina wasn’t fond of it, it was 3 rounds in of the NPC challenging her first place holding and taking it twice before she had a fit and decided she was done racing for the day and removed herself from the rest of the day’s races.

Akina wasn’t a good loser she was sore and bitter about losses, she spent these losses hurling her helmet into the lockers of the backroom where everyone prepared for the races and in the process of this tantrum her helmet visor splintered. While she was cursing about it and cleaning up the pieces another racer came in to check on her, another NPC a red stripped one racer Model 1. He timidly came up to her and tapped her shoulder.

“You can… get a replacement in the maintenance room… They keep all the extra supplies there and they have spare visors.”

She didn’t react much, she’s only talked to this particular person a few times and he seemed decent enough to her. She nodded and dumped the pieces of the visor into the garbage before she replied vocally.

“Alright then, take me to there. I don’t know where it is and I just want this fixed fast.”

The NPC smiled and nodded turning on his heel and leading her out of the room and down the hall toward the maintenance room, it only took them a few minutes to get there. He opened the door for her.

“All the boxes are color coded so it should be easy to find one that will fit your helmet.”

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The dusk sky of Sugar Rush looked particularly beautiful today. Even though it was almost midnight, the sky was still almost bright as day. The sun never fully set on Sugar Rush.

In the distance, the loud roar of a lone kart could be heard. The kart zoomed past, kicking up some dirt behind it. It soon made a turn to the right and drove down for about a minute before coming to a stop. Cornelius hopped out of it and walked over to a nearby tree, laying himself down at the stump of it.

Cornelius liked coming over to this part of the game. It was rather calm, and it felt rather relaxing to him. He stared out at the sky and could faintly see out into the arcade through the clouds. He felt almost like he could just fall asleep here, right now.

The only sound coming from inside the arcade, whirring from a few neon lights, was interrupted by the opening of the arcade’s back door. Some men came in, followed by Mr. Litwak, who switched on the lights as the men rolled in a dolly carrying a covered box on it. Cornelius suddenly stood up and quinted, trying to get a better view of what was going on in the arcade. The men set the box down near the middle of the arcade and Litwak signed for it. The men then left as quickly as they had come, taking the dolly with them.

Mr. Litwak pulled the tarp off the box, revealing a new arcade machine. Mr. Litwak plugged in the machine and turned it on. After going through the settings, the game whirred to life and began playing its “Insert Coins” mode. “Well, I hope you were worth it.” Mr. Litwak said. “There goes a third of the arcade’s budget this year already. Everything’s getting more expensive these days.” Mr. Litwak left through the back door, shutting the lights off on his way out.

One Mr. Litwak had left, Cornelius was able to get a slightly better look at the game. From what he could tell all the way over in his game, the new game was named ‘Hover’. Kind of a simple name for an arcade game. Cornelius thought. He could also make out something that looked like a skateboard on the bottom of machine. Kind of odd for a racing gane.

He couldn’t really make out much else other than that. It didn’t really look too bad to him so far, maybe he could try visiting it. Was worth a shot. Although, it still certainly looked, ah, ”unique” to him, to say the least. Well, whatever unknown there was was part of the adventure of doing things like this, right? Cornelius waked over to his kart, hopped in, and sped off, headed for the game’s exit.

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"Ah, man. What’s wrong with it now?"

Cornelius got out of his kart and walked over towards the toolbox he kept nearby his parking spot at the track. For the most part, today looked like it would be like any other normal day the arcade was open, filled with hours of racing and having fun with friends after the arcade closed. Aside from this repair he was making, anyways. He noticed he was having to do this more often recently, even though he couldn’t exactly tell what was causing it.

"Another leak?" he sighed. That was what, the third time in the last month? Odd. Well, that problem wasn’t going to fix itself. He looked through the engine for the source of the leak. As he was doing so, his attention was brought to some of the other racers talking to each other nearby:

"…I heard a rumor that Litwak was planning on adding a new game to the arcade."

"Pff, as if. Litwak doesn’t add new games here anymore. It’s been more than a year since he added the last one. Besides, even if he is, I’ll still be the prettiest face from the best game in the arcade."

"You know they’re going to replace us someday, Taffyta."

"That’s stil-"

"I heard that the new game’s going to be about fighting and stuff!"

"Aaaactually, Candle, I think its going to be another racing game. Something that takes place in the future."

"So, when is Litwak going to bring this new game you’re talking about in?"

"About a week from now, I think. We’ll see if he does, I guess."

The racers soon left after talking about something else for a bit. A new game, huh? That’s something you don’t hear about much. Cornelius shut the engine door on his kart since he had managed to repair the leak, at least for the moment.

You know, maybe he should go out and take a look at this new game later. It had been some time since he had really stepped foot outside of his game, and besides, so far, this game sounded innocent enough. A racing game could only be so dangerous.

But that would have to wait for a bit, for now, he had some racing to do.

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I ate a heart today.

I think she’d like you also that’s a little unsettling why did you eat a heart today?

It was a gift and also I was hungry.

Was it….. good?

It was delicious.

I’D HOPE SO  that sounds a little horrifying though was it?

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Welcome to the Game
A large heavy machine is wheeled into the arcade on a dolly and unloaded by a few men. Mr. Litwak signs for the bundle and thanks the men for the delivery. The man looks at his new purchase and pulls the tarp over it off before cleaning any stray dirt and dust from the frame before plugging the machine in. Looks like there's a new game in the arcade. (Fan game for Wreck it Ralph)
Character Status:
Akina: Progressive code damage, color temporarily changed to pink. In a low key relationship with blastedroads.
Kuya: Learning coding and hacking and very good at it.
Model 9: Promoted to playable character due to game code unlocking