when did video games get so realistic

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✉ ✘ ❤ ♣ (For anyone on this blog you want)



✉ 2AM text

[txt:TVFilthyFrank] : maybe I’m just rly tired but I’m remembering that time you beat me up and fucked me and I used to be all dumb and squeamish about how weird I acted but now I look back and think “damn that was some weak ass baby shit” I just thought you should know. It was still pretty hot though.

✘ Unsent text

[txt:TVFilthyFrank] : Get away from her you idiot, otherwise sooner or later you’re going to wind up as bad as me. [deleted]

[txt:TVFilthyFrank] : Well maybe when you inevitably become a murderer like me we can hang out while our disgusting significant others gorge themselves—[deleted]

❤ Loving/affectionate message

[txt:TVFilthyFrank] : You’re rude and gross but you also have the potential to “get it” so we should hang out. Wanna come watch movies at my place?

♣ Drunk message

[txt:TVFilthyFrank] : CATFUCKER hha hah aha u really gett in the pussy huh??? ;)

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Akina: What.
Don’t ask me! Ask her!

I’m not sure I’d want to hear the answer she’d give to a question like that.

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✉ ✘ ☠ ❤ ♣ (ALL OF THEM for Kuya)


✉ for an 2 AM text

[txt:Glowstick] : Stop sleeping I’m bored.


[txt:Glowstick] : Did you know you snore.

[txt:Glowstick] : You make a really shitty table with your constant ROLLING i’m trying to play chess with Worm here

✘ for an unsent text

[txt:Glowstick] : i hope you realize its only a matter of time before i keep you up here with me. maybe if you ask nicely i’ll bring your little friends along.

[message deleted]

 ☠ for a threatening message

[txt:Glowstick] : watch where your eyes wanderiwilltearthemout

[txt:Glowstick] : i’m always watching :)

❤ for a loving/affectionate message

[txt:Glowstick] : I love the strain of your muscles when i squeeze my hands around your throat. you are so small sofrail but your flimsy little hands try so ha rd 

[txt:Glowstick] : i would tear you apart with such slow, agonizing gestures. all it would take is a flick of my wrist to kill you but the experience is so much better when its drawn out i wanttodigindeepholdyoustillandhearyouscreamformercy

♣ for a drunk message

[txt:Glowstick] :  S O I H AD MY PHON E OFF ALL  NIGHT WHOOP S

[txt:Glowstick] : OH  WELL IM H EADING HOM E NOW  P S DID YO U LIKE HOW I FOUND YOU R PORN MAGA IZNES AND DUMPED WHI TE OUT ON ALL TH EPA GES HA HAHAHA your so ba d a hiding things (: i t hought i wa s f unny

[txt:Glowstick] : is that enou gh to get you to a t least pun ch me i the fa ce when i get back bec asue yeah

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If this is too the trash bag clothes that is 100% correct.

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Akina: Get weapons, lots of them. The flamethrower’s good for killing a lot at once.

 it’s not the enemies.

i’m not concer n n ed about those aaat . at all. 

it’s the water.

Trash Bag clothes

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you’re really grasping for straws here.

Believe it or not to I looked it up.

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Egg is 1920’s slang for someone who lives a fancy well off life.

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Akina: Someone looks fancy today, I’d ask why you have a fancy dress on but you always look like that.

you’re basically insinuating that i always look amazing.

which is a correct observation, so there you go.

You’re always dressed like you’re ready for a high class party, which isn’t a bad way to look. Do you ever go to high class things like that?

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Welcome to the Game
A large heavy machine is wheeled into the arcade on a dolly and unloaded by a few men. Mr. Litwak signs for the bundle and thanks the men for the delivery. The man looks at his new purchase and pulls the tarp over it off before cleaning any stray dirt and dust from the frame before plugging the machine in. Looks like there's a new game in the arcade. (Fan game for Wreck it Ralph)
Character Status:
Akina: Progressive code damage, color temporarily changed to pink.
Kuya: FUCKING MARRIED TO thebluebeast AND HE'S NOW THE FULL FURRY. In the Player world thanks to wife.
Model 9: Promoted to playable character due to game code unlocking.